Maple Leaf Athletic Club

Allsports Replay Player of the Month for October 2015

Beverly Optimists Midget AAA

Zach Webb

Go Logowear Midget AA

Sam Stampe

Elite Sportswear Minor Midget AAA

Jesse Paulon

Alumni Rem 15

Tanner Tobin

Scott Pump Bantam AAA

Brock Bartholomew

United Cycle Bantam AA

Kaleb Whittaker-Harder

Congratulations to all these Players!!!

Player Warning:

Vape pens with and without nicotine are still consider banned products in all recreation centre's and rinks by the City of Edmonton, please refer to the Municipal Legislation.$250 fine per person.

Parent warning:

What is with C4 pre-workout powder? It is the latest craze with young performance athletes snorting the powder or ingesting it, before a game or working out. The key ingredient, synephrine, is not only the WIAA’s banned list but also the NCAA and NFL.

Possible expulsion from professional sports programs for using C4.

Here is the NHL anti-doping policy.

Possible C4 Extreme Side Effects include:

  • Allergy. Supplements like Cellucor C4 Extreme have been known to cause allergic reactions. ...
  • Headache. Headaches are among the common C4 extreme side effects. ...
  • Vomiting and Nausea. ...
  • Tingling of Skin. ...
  • Tunnel Vision. ...
  • Others.

Read the label, would you want your kid having these ingredients in their body? In conclusion; please talk with your kids about the side effects about these types of products, before they come to harm.

 C4 Label

MLAC promotes the following…

·  Get enough sleep

·  Drink enough water

·  Do strength and cardiovascular exercise regularly

·  Eat high quality foods and in moderation

·  Avoid junk, processed foods, refined sugar, and soda

·  Eat lots of vegetables

·  Get enough sunlight

·  Stretch daily

Building MLAC Spin Bike room:
Have you been enjoying your spin bike classes? Here are a couple of photographs of the building of the room.

MLAC Open House:

The annual open house will be held on Sat Dec.19th between 10:00-2:00 All MLAC Exec, Team Staff, Parents and Friends of the club are invited to attend. This is an adult event as we serve snacks and refreshments.

This is not a mandatory event but it is a time to connect with seldom seen friends, and sometimes adversaries during the Christmas season. 

Please RSVP Jim Schneider if you will be attending at

MLAC Clubhouse Bookings:

Jim & Nat Schneider will be away November 10th - December 10th. Please call Duncan Galloway @ 780-476-0573 or

Writing your name on the Calendar in the clubhouse is not enough; you must contact Duncan and confirm that the date is in fact available.

Hockey Tip:

Sick and tired of wearing down the heel end or blade tip of your composite stick. I have found a solution. Buy a can of PVC Cement and apply it to your blade tip and heel of your stick. I do this bi-weekly to my son's sticks. Most cans come with a applicator sponge for even application and can be sanded down if needed.

PVC Glue

Good Luck,

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Upcoming Games

United Cycle Bantam AA vs SSAC United Cycle
Thursday, November 26, 2015 06:30 PM
Clareview Arena B
Scott Pump Bantam AAA at Fort Saskatchewan
Thursday, November 26, 2015 07:45 PM
Jubilee Recreation Centre
Beverly Optimists Midget AAA vs Sherwood Park J Ennis Kings
Saturday, November 28, 2015 02:40 PM
Bill Hunter Arena formerly Jasper Place
Scott Pump Bantam AAA at KC
Saturday, November 28, 2015 03:45 PM
Castledowns Arena A
Elite Sportswear Minor Midget AAA vs Grande Peace Storm
Saturday, November 28, 2015 06:30 PM
Kenilworth Arena
Beverly Optimists Midget AAA vs Leduc Chrysler Oil Kings
Sunday, November 29, 2015 11:45 AM
Bill Hunter Arena formerly Jasper Place
Alumni Rem 15 vs SSAC Southgate Lions Mustangs
Sunday, November 29, 2015 03:15 PM
Clareview Arena B
Go Logowear Midget AA at SSAC Don Wheaton
Monday, November 30, 2015 08:15 PM
Millwoods Arena A
Scott Pump Bantam AAA vs CAC Lehigh Cement
Tuesday, December 01, 2015 08:00 PM
Castledowns Arena A
Go Logowear Midget AA vs St Albert Blues
Tuesday, December 01, 2015 09:00 PM
Clareview Arena B